all things beautiful

Small sustainable brands from all over Europe discovered and selected for you.

  • connected

    We want our Brands, Artists and Designers to connect and share their values and talents with each other. Like this new connections can be made and new projects can come to life.

  • together

    Sometimes you need someone with a special skill, a connection, a good advice. We believe that together we can achieve more than on our own.

  • unique

    All of our talents work either in a sustainable kind of way, use upcycled materials, re-use what is already there or produce only made to order. This way we can keep our ecological footprint as small as possible.

it's all about...

making a difference, discovering new talents, being a platform for small brands, making space for new ideas, supporting each other, appreciate what is already there, getting a glimpse of what might be possible.

At our pop-up store that takes place twice a year we will display all our divisions and the curated brands and artists we discovered for you over the last months.

Save the date: October 6th-18th 2022

  • Fruiting Bodies

    Eerie jewelry made in Warsaw/Poland.

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  • Reaso Studio

    Made to order jewelry from Istanbul/Turkey.

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  • Akva Jewellery

    Exceptional fine jewelry made in Copenhagen/Denmark.

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  • Laôma Atelier

    Modern classics meet contemporary pieces made out of solid silver and gold in Strassen/Luxembourg.

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  • Paula Loew

    Fine Clay Jewelry, for bold souls only made in Barcelona/Spain.

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  • Golden Dilemma

    Unique designs in gold and silver mixed with pearls and gemstones made in Pforzheim/Germany.

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  • Maresa

    Mix and match jewelry made in Hamburg/Germany.

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