Akva Jewellery

Cecilie, Olivia and Tascha are the three women behind AKVA Jewellery. With our different heritage and life story we create the basis for our common passion and driving force: AKVA Jewellery. With AKVA we have a mission to create high quality jewellery with unique shapes, forms and details that will awaken your curiosity, be an extension of your personality and which can be inherited for generations. For us, AKVA is much more than a community where we design and create jewellery. AKVA is a way of life, a conscious lifestyle where we together – we and you – feel the energy from the ocean and the nature around it and live in symbiosis with it. We wish to be co-creators of a culture where we take care of our surroundings by being conscious when we buy new things.

For us the ocean is life-affirming, rebellious and uplifting. It is meditative, calming and dream awakening. The ocean is the energy source of life. We feel this in the community between us when we design and create jewellery for you. This is the energy we want to capture in our jewellery so you can bring it with you anywhere.

All three of us graduated from Copenhagen School of Design and Technology with a academy profession degree in Jewellery, Technology and Business. AKVA Jewellery is established on the basis of UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals, where the love and respect for our Ocean gathered us as a design team – and now as a company.

We invite you to become part of the AKVA-wave and thereby become part of a culture that actively and constantly chooses quality and long lasting solutions.