Dusty Crush Studio

Two vintage fans with one heart.


As longtime friends we share a passion for vintage home accessories, clothing and furniture. Discovering treasures together in small shops, at flea markets or online has become a soft spot. In the past, we only made friends and family happy with our finds. At some point, however, the apartments of our loved ones became too small.

That's when the idea for an online shop came up, where everyone can find a great little thing for their retreat at home. We love to combine decorative elements with practical everyday objects, art or green plants, which is why, in addition to vintage items, we want to offer more homemade products such as macrame, upcycled products, ceramics or locally produced goods from friends in our shop in the future.

If we can make you happy with our personally selected pieces, that would be a great gift. We don't just think about styling or trends, but also about sustainability. Our mission is to break away from the fast furniture trend and show people that there are beautiful second hand finds that deserve a second chance.
We want to share and inspire our enthusiasm and knowledge. We love special materials, good quality, colors and the history of the pieces.
In our effort to become a more social enterprise, 10% of every order goes to a non-profit organization.