Golden Dilemma

The 23-year-old artist Tina Hellauer is currently training as a designer for jewelery and tools at the Pforzheim Goldsmith School with the aim of further training to become a master goldsmith. Her pieces have already been presented in various exhibitions, such as in the Pforzheim Jewelery Museum, at Schütt Jewelery & Gemstones and at Inhorgenta Munich.
In goldsmithing she has discovered the perfect balance between design and craftsmanship. These two passions have accompanied her ever since and are now united.
She mainly works with silver, which can be plated with 18-carat gold if desired. A matter close to her heart is the quality and longevity of the pieces of jewelery from the point of view of sustainability. Furthermore, only recycled gemstones from old stocks are used.
Fascinated by immortalizing organic transience in precious metals, nature is her greatest inspiration. The process is always intuitive, in that structures and forms are examined closely and incorporated into the pieces in a highly abstract manner. This stimulates individual interpretations by the viewer.