Isabel Liebmann started her label for leather bags rather by accident. As a graduate interior designer, you are probably unconsciously looking for forms and materials that inspire lasting enthusiasm in all situations: a flea market purchase inspired Isabel to design her first leather tote bag. It would be a few more years before her label “Lellor” was officially founded, the name derives from her nickname Lella. But: Good things take time.

This motto can also be transferred directly to the material of your choice, because leather only becomes more beautiful with wear and develops an individual patina. And it is very important to the Hamburg native that her timeless designs should not only please the wearer for one season, but should also be high-quality bags for life. Each bag has a consecutive serial number and was manufactured fairly and by hand in a small edition in our own workshop in the Schanzenviertel until the end of 2019. Since 2020 - so that there is more time for creating new designs - production has been outsourced to a leather manufactory in the southern Harz region.