It all started in Manu's parents' house: whether in the morning, at noon in the evening or with friends - tea was always drunk here. 'Better for you' was the dictum of his parents. They should know.
Manu's Indian father is a doctor. He combines German conventional medicine with well-founded Ayurvedic knowledge. Manu's mother is a passionate gardener and botany enthusiast from the former East Prussia. A healthy, conscious lifestyle and a deep curiosity about cultures and countries of our world were put into Manu's cradle.


Our GreenTeam guarantees products with 100% quality, 100% organic and 100% taste - made with innovative craftsmanship and even more dedication. Taste is the top priority, health is a must, and organic is the absolute standard.
And so we come back to Manu's mother and our company promise:

Manu’s – Better for you.