Bemorie is a furniture and design brand exploring the intersection of psychology and design through experimentation of forms and material.

Our knowledge of the world and cultural manifestations such as language shape the way we perceive and interpret what we see and how we experience the physical world. By investigating the role of what we see and what we know in perception, our works explore and dissect how we experience the world and interact with our surroundings.

We are constantly working on reducing our environmental impact by compensating our carbon footprint with carbon offsets to arrive at net-zero and experimenting with new ways of recycling such as integrating offcuts and salvaged materials as much as possible.

Our two co-founders, Lissy and Paul, are siblings born and raised in Germany with a shared love for art and design and a vision of making quality design more attainable.

While studying Psychology and Behaviour at the London School of Economics and Political Science, Lissy grew fascinated by the complexity of perception and how we experience and interact with our surroundings. Using collectable design as a medium for sharing psychological insights, our works aim to explore the role of what we see and what we know in shaping our perception and experience of the world.

The duo is based between Berlin and London.