The name Nawasté, is a mix between the Hindi expression Namasté, meaning to see and honour others and no-waste. These two elements are the core of who we are.


Our goal is to solve the problem of “what to do with the candle container once it is empty?” and keep them out of landfill. Every candle is made from organic soy wax, delicately hand-poured into elegant ceramic plant pots and the fragrances chosen to decrease stress and promote a sense of wellbeing. 


But what makes them unique are the plantable paper candle covers. Each one is embedded with a variety of non-GMO flower seeds, so once the candle is finished, all you need to do is fill it with soil, plant the candle cover, water and watch in delight as the wildflowers begin to grow. From candle to flowers, it’s our aim to keep the joy alive for longer. A candle handmade to do more, with less waste.


We are a Berlin based earth loving small business that is inspired by mindfulness and conscious growth. Through both our choice of fragrances and the act of nurturing plants from seeds to bloom, we hope to encourage slow and sustainable living whilst at the same time taking care of our planet


About Paris Davis:

Nawasté was created during and as a result of Covid-19. Throughout the #stayhome period, I found myself in a new yet beautiful slow rhythm of nurturing flowers by day and making/burning candles by night. After witnessing the positive effects that these moments of presence were bringing, I consciously combined the two, in a way that Mother Nature would approve.