Pepe & Wolf

Having worked in the furniture industry for over 7 years, I found it frustrating that I couldn't find a yoga mat that was aesthetically pleasing as a decorative object, but at the same time functional and durable. In early 2020 I stumbled across Domi Kramer's yoga mats, which she made for a few of her friends back then. One lockdown later we produced our first batch and started offering Domi Kramer's design on


We want to offer durable products with a timeless design. The choice of materials is guided by our belief that durability is at the core of a sustainable approach to mindful consumption.


When it comes to choosing the material to surround ourselves with, we should go for natural materials as much as possible. A greener, more natural alternative to hazardous plastics already exists in many areas. We only use high quality ecological materials and work with suppliers with sustainable production processes. You can read more about the materials used in our products in our Sustainability section.